The reasons I just love pickleball

Article Written By Sherine El Hashemi

Ok, so, can I tell you the reasons I just love Pickleball?

It all started 2 years when I visited my friend at her RV park on the lake in Canada. She asked me if I had ever played Pickleball as there was a court at the RV park. I seriously thought she was kidding…what the heck is Pickleball?

What the heck is Pickleball?

She introduced me to the game, and one hour later, I felt like a Pickleball champion!

The reasons I love Pickleball are that it’s easy (I’m 42, no spring chicken), the courts are not big, but the paddles are!

It’s super social, we like to chat as we play. I am all about the doubles, the more the merrier! And probably my favorite part is that I get a workout in!

We are not Pickleball seniors…yet!

Now I have a group that meets 2 to 4 times a month.

We are all in our 40’s and 50’s and to be honest, it has become part of our routine. We have 6 “regulars” in our group, the oldest one is Theresa, she has been playing the longest and at 58 years old, she has the most energy of all of us combined!

She is also the most competitive, you will find her near the baseline and is a “chopper”, she doesn’t do well with losing.

Amie, is my age and is our newest member, she is the funniest one in the group and definitely our loudest!  She is the most entertaining and always ready for a good time!

She comes with her sister Sara sometimes, and together they are double trouble, (not in the court) but rather socially!

Sophia and Alycia are 2 others that are newer to the game, I introduced them to Pickleball a few months after I had fallen in love with the game!  They are pretty good but LOVE to chat during the whole game, which stresses out Theresa!

Pickleball is such a social sport

I really love the social aspect of Pickleball, it is the best reason to get friends together and gives us an excuse to see each other more often!

We usually play in 20-25 min intervals, then switch partners.

I consider myself the “dink” expert, my secret weapon to winning!

If you haven’t tried Pickleball I highly recommend it, it’s really made for all ages, super fun, easy to learn and totally addictive…in a good way!

The reasons I just love pickleball


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