Pickleball Spin Serve – Everything you Need to Know

What you need to know about the Pickleball Spin Serve.

The Pickleball spin serve is becoming more and more prominent with players and the overall credibility it brings.  However, amid all the serving rules, the spin serve is one of those underrated moves that players are either not aware of or they don’t know it well enough.

If you are a novice when it comes to spin serve and you want to know more about the same, you have come to the right place.

This article will discuss the basics of the serve, what it entails and what are the different strategies associated with it.

Pickleball Spin Serve


Pickleball Spin Serve – Beginner Strategies

When it comes to Pickleball spin serve, you need to realize that the process is quite different from your regular service.

Firstly, a spin serve happens with a unique technique with the paddle while serving.  The paddle almost looks like it  “slices” the ball when it makes contact.  This action is generally done with a flick of your wrist and takes a while to perfect.

What are the types of Pickleball Spin Serve?

As we are discussing beginner strategies,  you need to understand the different types of spin first. Once you know the different types, it becomes a lot easier for you to work out which one to practi

Typically, there are three different types of spin serve in pickleball. All of them are reliant on your hand and paddle movement and the results it brings in the end.

The top three variants are…

  • Topspin– in topspin, the pickleball ball rotates in a forward direction while moving towards your opponent.
  • Backspin –this is just the opposite of topspin and can be called underspin as well. In this case, the pickleball ball spins backward as it moves towards your opponent.
  • Sidespin– the last type of spin is where the pickleball ball rotates around on a vertical axis.

Knowing the different types of spin can help you master them individually and ensure that you can confuse your opponents when serving.

How to Play a Pickleball Spin Serve?

Now that you know about the different types of pickleball spin serve, you need to know how to play them.  Keep in mind that each of the different spin techniques come with their own set of skills and strategies that you have to learn and implement.

Let’s break them down for you.

Pickleball Topspin

When it comes to applying a Pickleball topspin, it means rotating the ball in a forward direction while it’s in flight. Applying topspin requires the player to hit the ball harder than normal, so you do have to play through consistently. The ball generally lands at a faster pace as compared to the normal underspin or side spin hits.

When you apply topspin, the ball lands and drops to your opponent at a quicker rate and with more impact. What this does is leave the ball to rise at a higher rate, leaving a challenge for your opponent to return serve.

To successfully apply a topspin, you need to take your paddle up and move it up while stroking.  Doing this will leave the ball at a higher arc and then dive it down, leaving it with a faster spin.

Pickleball Backspin

The Pickleball backspin or underspin is a common favorite among advanced pickleball players. This is primarily because it makes the chances of scoring a point quite easy. In this shot, the ball rotates in a backward direction while it is in flight.

Comparatively, during a backspin, the ball does fly at a higher rate.  After the shot, there are two possibilities for the ball to either cut left or right after it bounces.

With the right techniques of hand movements with the paddle, it does become a lot easier to do this shot.  This is definitely one of those practice makes perfect shots.

Pickleball Sidespin

The last and one of the most underrated hits is the Pickleball sidespin. This is very difficult to master and takes a lot of practice to have the pickleball ball moving sideways on a vertical axis. The success of this spin will ensure that one side of the Pickleball consistently rotates as the ball keeps moving in a forward direction towards your opponent.

The unique thing about this spin is that the ball can either end up falling to the right or the left. This leaves the players confused, ensuring that you can win a point quite easily. The easiest way to apply the sidespin is by moving the paddle to the side. I’ll say “That’s all that you need to do” but there really is a technic to this and can be quite difficult to get all the angles right consistently.


It doesn’t matter which kind of pickleball spin serve you want to apply, the only way you will get to master them is by practicing over and over again.

It is not as easy as it seems but when you get it right – you will usually win the point.