Pickleball Court

All you need to know about the Pickleball Court.

The Pickleball court is where all the fun begins!

This exciting game suits all ages and skill levels and you can play on an indoor or outdoor court in a facility or at home.

Find out all you need to know about the Pickleball court.


Pickleball court dimensions

Court dimensions.

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Pickleball Kitchen size

Pickleball kitchen size.

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Portable Pickleball Court

Portable Pickleball court.

All the steps you need to make a portable Pickleball court by clicking here.



pickleball court colors

Pickleball court colors.

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Pickleball home court

Pickleball home court.

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can you play pickleball on grassGrass court.

Can you play Pickleball on a grass court?  Find out more information by clicking here.




How Much Space Do You Need Between Pickleball CourtsHow much space do you need between Pickleball courts?

Want to know how much space is needed between Pickleball courts if you are setting up a number for a tournament?  You can find more information by clicking here