How To Replace a Pickleball Paddle Grip?

Find out how to replace a Pickleball paddle grip and stop blisters on your hands!

When it comes to pickleball, there’s nothing that screams smooth gameplay other than the paddle grip.

If the grip isn’t of the best quality and hold, it will be an irritation that can become all consuming.

Your new paddle will come with the original grip already attached but you will find over time this will wear.  That’s when you will need to replace your pickleball paddle grip.

Get it wrong and you will get blisters or the paddle will slip from your hand.  Get it right and you can continue to be the challenge beast you’ve always been on the court.

This article will explain everything there is to know about the pickleball paddle grip and how to replace it.

What is the Pickleball Paddle Grip?

If you are a professional pickleball player or you play the game now and then, you need to be aware of the pickleball grip.  You must assess the condition of the paddle grip now and then and replace it if it wears out.

Having a quality grip on the paddle is very important, especially when it comes to concentrating on your shots.  Often, the feeling of not having a good grip on the paddle can make it difficult to hit winners.

When it comes to the pickleball grip, there are quite a few choices around.

When is the right time to Change the Pickleball Paddle Grip?

There’s no standard time to change or replace the pickleball paddle grip. Ideally, it depends on the extent of the game, how frequently you play and the wear and tear on the grip.

If you notice the following, it is time to change the pickleball paddle grip:

  • The grip is starting to feel silky instead of tacky when you hold it
  • Your grip is starting to twist in your hand when you are hitting or driving the ball to your opponent
  • The paddle doesn’t hold still in your palm and feels like it will go flying out of your hand
  • You just feel like changing the grip

Many players change their grips depending on the matches they are playing or the kind of color schemes that they have.   The choice is yours!

What are Replacement grip and Overgrip?

Just like their name suggests, replacement grips are meant to replace the current paddle grip that you have on your pickleball paddle. They work the same as a standard grip and don’t offer any extra or different benefits.

The overgrip, on the other hand, is when you wrap an additional grip over the standard pickleball paddle grip. They do have a lot of extra benefits to them.

The primary reason why most people opt for an overgrip on their paddle is to get some extra cushioning and comfort while holding their paddle throughout the game.

How to Change and Replace the Pickleball Grip?

Now that you have a basic idea about the different Pickleball paddle grips, this is what you need to do…

  • Set up the workspace

Changing the pickleball grip is not rocket science. However, if you want to get everything done in order, we’d recommend that you set up a workspace.  You need sharp scissors or a knife so you can cut open the old grip and replace it with the new one.

  • Remove the old grip

The next step is to get rid of the old grip.  Opening the grip shouldn’t be to difficult. All you have to do is check the top of the paddle and look for the tape. This is what ties in the grip to the paddle. You need to slowly peel it off and then roll it down from around the handle.  You need to get the handle bare.

  • Start gripping

Once you have the handle bare, you then need to pick which style of gripping you want to add.

You need to open the grip tape and then start from the top or the bottom of the paddle’s handles.  Most players start with the top since it is a lot easier and has a better closure.

Roll the tape down the handle until the whole handle is covered.  Wrap it twice around the bottom to finish.

I then like to heat the handle slightly – either by leaving it in the sun for a little while or using a hair dryer (not too close)  When the grip is warm, I then place my hand around it and give it a little squeeze.  It just makes it form slightly to my hand print and I can feel if it is correctly taped.


Knowing how to replace the pickleball paddle grip is very important if you want to be in your best form during the game. Since the grip is what reflects on the overall gaming experience, it isn’t surprising that having a faulty grip will reflect on your overall performance.