How to Make Your Home Pickleball Court

Find out what it takes to build a home Pickleball court

Thinking of building a home Pickleball court?

Building a Pickleball court at your home will give you a good opportunity to play Pickleball whenever you want.

If you are a Pickleball lover or an aspiring professional Pickleball player and want to build a home Pickleball court, there are few steps you have to follow.


home pickleball court

This article has steps for you to follow to at least have an idea about the things needed to make a court at your home.

Determine your space first

A Pickleball court measures 44 ft long and 20 ft wide.

Are you starting your pickleball court from scratch or converting a badminton or a tennis court to a Pickleball court?

Where to put the court is an important factor you need to consider to maintain the standard size of a pickleball court and adjust your court accordingly.

For instance, if you are converting a tennis court to a Pickleball court, place the Pickleball court in the center of the tennis court so you can use the same net arrangement.  It should fit snuggly inside the internal tennis court lines.

Surface materials

Surface materials have to be selected when you are building your court from scratch. Choose the best type of materials available for courts in your area. There are some common materials for your Pickleball surface. They are:

  • Concrete: This is the best surface material in terms of value and longevity.
  • Asphalt: Asphalt is cheaper than concrete but can pit after heavy rain or if poorly laid.
  • Snap together: Snap together can be placed on existing surfaces like on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Snap-together plastic can be used if you don’t want to change the surface material of a multipurpose court.


Pick out perimeter

Fencing is also an important factor when building your home Pickleball court. There are many options for fencing a pickleball court that you can choose from, however wire fences are the most common.  Make sure that you are using a rust-resistant material when fencing your court.

Equip your home Pickleball court with a light

Light is important for every court so you can enjoy playing at night in the warmer months.

A Pickleball court needs 1500-watt lighting and the poles should be at least 18 feet high and 24 inches back from the pickleball court.

Which net system to use on your home Pickleball court

After determining the space and surface materials of your home court, now you need to select a net system for your court. There are a good variety of net systems and poles to choose from.

Nets can be installed in situ or on wheels.  Having the net on wheels lets you use the court for other purposes like bike riding or roller blading.  It just makes the area more useable.

Court, set and match

Now that you have planned your space and bought the things needed for your court, hire a professional contractor to build your home Pickleball court.

Keep in mind that outdoor Pickleball courts are open to many environmental elements like shadows that fall into the court. It is recommended that you orientate the court north-south.

Don’t forget about the color of your court.  Find out more here.


If you are handy, this may be a project you can do yourself but I would recommend getting a professional contractor to build your home Pickleball court.

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