Pickleball Nets on Wheels – Everything you Need to Know

pickleball nets on wheels

The Best Portable Pickleball Net of 2023: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide Pickleball has been rapidly gaining popularity, and with good reason – it’s a fun, social, and active sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. One crucial element of any enjoyable pickleball game is having the best portable pickleball … Read more

Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners in 2023 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

best pickleball paddles for beginners

Are you looking for the best pickleball paddles for beginners? In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential factors to consider when selecting the best pickleball paddles for beginners, review the top 5 picks, and discuss the importance of grip size, paddle shapes, prices, and more. Pickleball is an exciting sport that has … Read more

Find Out Which Famous Athletes Are Investing in Pickleball

Investing in pickleball

Why the rich and famous are investing in Pickleball Investing in pickleball is becoming a more common occurrence by the rich and famous and here’s why… LeBron James is a massive name in basketball, and many people think he is one of the best players alive. With NBA titles and an Olympic gold medal under … Read more

The most common pickleball injuries and how to avoid them

the most common pickleball injuries include pickleball elbow

I had heard people talking about common pickleball injuries but I’ll never forget feeling like I could take on the world when I stepped foot on the pickleball court for the very first time. The one who was impervious to harm. The one who could run full speed after a ball that was about to … Read more

Green Zone Pickleball Paddles

pickleball paddle for spin

Green zone Pickleball paddles or quiet Pickleball paddles are those that are paddles rated as “Quiet”. Many Pickleball paddle manufacturers now produce quieter paddles suitable for these green zones. Find out which quiet paddles we recommended. These pickleball paddles are designed to provide players with a quieter experience. Some can be slightly thicker and heavier … Read more