Best Pickleball Paddle for Control – Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for the best Pickleball paddle for control?

What does control mean??

Basically, it means the ability to place the shot where you want it.  This creates a really strategic game.

If your opponent is on the baseline, you can make them run by placing the ball just over the net.   If they are on the left hand side of the court, hitting your shot into the back right hand corner of the court may give you the point.

Many shots in Pickleball are placed with control…not luck!

Ideally, using a Pickleball paddle for control will help with these shots and your strategic game.

Pickleball paddles come in many different shapes, styles and sizes.  However, when it comes to controlling the ball, you want a paddle that is lightweight, ergonomically designed with optimal grip on the handle and the surface.

This article will discuss some of the absolute best pickleball paddles for control that you can use for playing with friends or in tournaments.


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1. Rally Graphite Power 5.0

pickleball paddle for control


best pickleball paddles for control


The very first and hands down one of the most superior quality pickleball paddle worth considering is the Rally Graphite Power 5.0.

This particular pickleball paddle is available in four different colors and is around $100.  It comes with a carry case which is great for protecting the exterior of the paddle against scuffs and damage.

It is a graphite paddle that offers optimal control but also power.

The paddle is USA Pickleball/IFP approved, made in USA and is backed with a 1-year warranty.

The quad-layer design features a polymer honeycomb core that should give you control of your shots for years.

This paddle is an allrounder.   You should be able to control your shots but also add some spin – so you can confuse your opponent during the hit.  The core of the paddle is molecularly bonded, which further contributes to long-term usage.


2. Electrum Pro Graphite

best control pickleball paddle

best pickleball paddles for control

The Electrum Pro Graphite is ideally a Pickleball paddle for intermediate to advanced players.  It features a lightweight yet durable graphite surface and center.

The balanced construction of this paddle is another factor that makes it stand out. The raw carbon fiber surface offers optimal power and control when you are hitting it across to your opponent.

As for the core, it is constructed with polypropylene.  This offers you a consistent feel when hitting the ball.

The edge to edge sweet spot ensures a powerful return service.


3. Gravity Pickleball paddle

best pickleball paddle for control 


pickleball paddles for control

Constructed and developed by HEAD, the Gravity Pickleball paddle is another must mention Pickleball paddle that you should consider buying if you want maximum control.

This is a good value option and is currently available in two different color variants.

The lightweight carbon surface of this paddle is without compromise.  It has a unique textured surface that offers optimal grip, especially when you want control of your shot back to your opponent.

This Pickleball paddle is one of the few that combines a large sweet spot with an optimized surface for control or spin and also reduces vibration when you slam a power shot to the baseline.

The hybrid hitting surface on this paddle is exclusive to HEAD and this particular paddle.


4. Poach Icon

poach icon pickleball paddle


paddles for control

If you want a simplistically designed Pickleball paddle, the Poach Icon is a worthy choice.

The advantage to this paddle is its wide design and soft touch. Despite the lightweight design, the paddle is very easy to work with.

The textured surface of this paddle gives its characteristic control and power.  It has a polypropylene core and a comfortable grip.

You can also get a good spin happening with this paddle.  It’s great for a strategic game where you need to be able to control the ball and place it just where you want to.

The curved edges and the easy hold of a grip on the paddle allow you to hit back the ball without forcing your way through it.  The grip of this paddle is sweat-resistant and textured for optimal control and so it doesn’t slip.

Another paddle that can be used for playing in tournaments.

5. Paddletek Bantum TS-5 Pro



Paddletek pickleball paddle


Last but not least on our top 5 Pickleball paddles for control is the Bantum TS-5 Pro.

This one is designed and developed by the Paddletek Store and is one of the bestselling Pickleball paddles that you can find in the market.

It is available in 5 color variants and is priced under $150, which is pretty awesome too.

This paddle has an expanded and extra-large playing surface that allows you to have optimal control when hitting the ball.

It is also one of the few paddles in the market that is designed with smart response technology.  This delivers the needed driving force through the paddle and not your arm or shoulder.

The high-quality polymer composite surface is not just durable but hands down one of the longest lasting and most powerful options that you can possibly get your hands on.


Which Pickleball paddle for control is right for you?

It doesn’t matter if you play Pickleball professionally or you play it just for fun, these are some of the best pickleball paddles that will offer you maximum control.

Controlling your shots comes with practice.  Find out how you can practice Pickleball alone and take your game to the next level.

Playing a strategic game involves thinking through each shot and having control over the placement of the ball.  Having a Pickleball paddle that is designed for control will help you with your shot placement.